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Missouri committee passes Convention of States resolution 5-2

We have fantastic news from Missouri!

The Missouri Senate Rules Committee passed the Convention of States resolution (SCR 21) on a 5-2 vote. Here's how the voting broke down:

For: Sen. Ron Richard (Chairman), Sen. Tom Dempsey (Vice-Chairman), Sen. Bob Dixon, Sen. Doug Libla, Sen. Wayne Wallingford

Against: Sen. Paul LeVota, Sen. Gina Walsh

Click here if you'd like to send a note of appreciation to those senators who voted in our favor.

The next step for SCR 21 is the Senate floor. If you live in Missouri, we encourage you to contact your state senator and voice your support for the Convention of States resolution. You could say something like this:

Dear Senator,

I'd like to respectfully request your support for SCR 21 to call a Convention of States when it comes before the Senate floor. I believe an Article V Convention of States is the last, best chance to preserve freedom in our country and force Congress to be fiscally responsible.


Your Name

Click here to contact your senator.

We'll let you know of any more updates in Missouri!