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Michael Farris to testify before North Carolina committee

Michael Farris will be joining the North Carolina Convention of States state leadership team to meet with members of the North Carolina House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 at 12:30 p.m. EST.

The Committee wants to learn more about our project and Article V before voting on our bill (H321). We are grateful for this opportunity, and we ask for your thoughts and prayers as we meet with these 11 representatives. 

If you're a resident of North Carolina and you haven't contact the members of the committee yet, we encourage you to do so and leave a short, respectful note voicing your support for an Article V Convention of States and H321. Below is the contact information for the members of the committee:

Rep. Daughtry (chairman) - 919-733-5605,
Rep. Burr (vice chairman) - 919-733-5908,
Rep. Jackson (vice chairman) - 919-733-5974,
Rep. Arp - 919-715-3007,
Rep. L. Hall - 919-733-5872,
Rep. Hardister - 919-733-5191,
Rep. Howard - 919-733-5904,
Rep. G. Martin - 919-733-5773,
Rep. McNeill - 919-715-4946,
Rep. Robinson - 919-733-5931,
Rep. Steinburg - 919-733-0010,

We must have the support of this committee before we get to a floor vote in the House. Thank you for your hard work!