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Michael Farris rallies state representatives in Arizona

Michael Farris, co-founder and director of the Convention of States Project, recently spoke to state representatives in Arizona about the last, best chance to preserve liberty in America. Talk Radio 550 KFYI was on hand to cover the event:

Michael Farris, head of the Convention of States Project, addressed the Federalism and States Rights Committee of the Arizona House on Wednesday to outline why he thinks Arizona should become part of the movement.

Farris said Congress has way overstepped its bounds by passing laws that apply to all of the states on issues where the states, according to the Constitution, should be able to make their own decisions and laws. "The voters of those other states are effectively dictating to you, the representatives of the people of Arizona, what your policy will be on a whole host of domestic issues," he told the committee.

Republican Representative Bob Thorpe agreed. "They are basically placing laws and burdens upon us and we have no recourse on those individuals," he said. "We have no way to un-elect a representative from Illinois or Massachusetts or what have you."

Farris added that Presidents are guilty of the same thing through their use of executive power, and Congress as a whole has let them do it. "Republicans and Democrats alike have decided that the President alone should be able to make law, despite the fact that Aricle I, Section I of the Constitution says ALL legislative authority is vested in the Congress of the United States. And it's not just this President. Republican Presidents have done the same thing."

Farris told the committee that his goals for a constitutional convention would include amendments "to impose fiscal restraints on the federal government" – meaning requiring a balanced budget, "to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and to impose term limits on federal officials" including federal judges, who currently have lifetime appointments.

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