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West Virginia

Members of the House Judiciary Committee need to hear from you now!

We must make sure the members of the Judiciary Committee know how important our efforts are to the Republic.  The states joined together and using Article V are more powerful than Washington, DC. They need to consider SRC 10, already passed by the Senate, and move it to the floor of the House for final consideration.


Use one of the following links to send your message to our delegates, or call and email them individually using the contacts below. 

Please support SCR 10 – Our last Constitutional Option


I am concerned about over regulations, sky rocketing national debt and the state of our Republic. Please vote for SCR 10 and use Article V to call an amending convention to propose amendments to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government. Our grandchildren and great grandchildren will never know the freedoms we did, if we do not act now!

Best Regards,


Please pass SRC 10 – To Clarify the Founders’ intent!


Please support SCR 10 and vote to use Article V and join the other states to call for an amending convention to propose amendments to limit the power and jurisdiction, impose fiscal restraints and term limits for Congress and federal officials. Help put the “fence” back around our federal government.



Contact Judiciary Committee


Thanks for taking action and helping us get this done in West Virginia! You are truly amazing.


Warmest regards,

Barbara Thomas

Cell: 1-904-806-4463