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Louisiana Senate President sabotages Convention of States resolution

You may have heard the news that we failed to pass in the Senate Judiciary B committee. The reason we failed to pass is not because the Louisiana Legislature rejected our resolution. In fact, we were sure that the resolution would pass on the floors of both the House (which we did by a vote of 60-38) and the Senate. What happened to the resolution is much more complicated than that. HCR2 was deliberately sabotaged. Here is the full story:

If you recall in the emails I sent out previously I mentioned that the committees we would be assigned to were the House and Governmental Affairs Committee (in the House) and the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee (in the Senate). And this played out in practice up until we passed the House and made our way to the Senate. We learned that we were assigned to a different committee from what we previously had thought. At first we were confused and thought it could have been a mistake. When we dug deeper and more facts started to come out however, it painted a much different picture. It appears that Senate President John Alario had colluded with Senate Democrats including Senator JP Morrell and Senator Karen Carter Peterson to assign us to the Judiciary B committee, a majority Democrat committee which both Morrell and Peterson sit on, so they could effectively kill HCR2 and prevent it from getting to the floor. Senator Morrell and Peterson along with some of their Democrat colleagues had every intention in killing HCR2 before the hearing even began. This was all done in spite of what the Senate rules say. According to Senate rules, any bills or resolutions dealing with "intergovernmental relations between the state and the United States or other states" must go to Senate and Governmental Affairs. In fact, other Article V applications in the past have always gone to this committee. It appears that Senate President Alario in collusion with Senate Democrats broke Senate rules to kill the Convention of States resolution.

In the midst of all of this, our primary sponsor Representative Ray Garofalo has been a tremendous patriot. He kept his professionalism in committee on Tuesday while Senate Democrats Morrell and Peterson attempted to demean him by calling him a "hostile witness". He has fought courageous battles on the front lines in both the House and the Senate fighting for liberty and the Constitution. Representative Garofalo has upheld his oath to preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States while others have neglected that responsibility.

The same cannot be said of Senate President Alario. He says he is a "Republican" on paper, but in practice he is far from it. He is no conservative. He is nothing but a RINO (Republican In Name Only). In fact I don't know if you know this, but Alario was a Democrat just a few years ago until he switched his party affiliation. Despite that, it looks like he still remains loyal to the Progressive cause. And his actions in killing this legislation unequivocally proves that. Senators Morrell and Peterson can be said to be extremely loyal promoters of the Progressive cause as well. Their actions make them equally as culpable as Senator Alario. Senator Peterson, in an Op-Ed in 2013, once referred to "Republicans and their tea party colleagues" as "the disease that ails this nation". She even went as far to say that the medicine our country needs is "a tea party amputation". Senator Peterson also happens to be the Chairperson of the Louisiana Democratic Party. You must ask yourself, how does a Republican Senate President send a resolution like this to a committee that has the Democrat Party leader for the state of Louisiana and permit her to make this decision on behalf of the entire state of Louisiana with 38 other states considering this resolution right now?