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Let Arizona Vote: AZ Senator Biggs Thwarting Convention of States Vote

Arizona Senate President Andy Biggs is blocking a vote on the very popular Convention of States Application (SCR 1016) which calls for an Article V Convention to propose amendments to the Constitution that would limit the scope and power of the federal government.

Time is running out. Because the Senate’s session expires on Wednesday, April 23rd, the shenanigans of Biggs might cause this bill to go unheard in the Senate.

Here’s what he doesn’t understand.

The people of Arizona have expressed their support for SCR 1016 — through the House of Representatives — because they want to restrain the scope, jurisdiction, and power of the federal government.

Biggs should realize this. Now that Arizonans are fed up with an arrogant government unwilling to listen to the people, they won’t stand for that kind of behavior at the state level either.

Let Arizona vote.

If you would like to encourage Sen. Biggs to do the right thing, email him at or call him at 602-926-4371602-926-4371. Time is running out.

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