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Kansas Surge!

Kansas Convention of States Surge Begins!


Dear Convention of States Patriots:

I am writing to you today to inform you that we had COS Team of 8 last Monday to help kickoff the new Kansas Legislative Session at the Capitol building last week! A huge thank you to all who attended as they successfully reconnected with many House Representatives and Senators. As we walked the halls and rotunda of the State Capitol building, we distributed information and stacks of signatures from the constituents within their districts! It was an impressive showing by the Volunteers, and all noticed YOUR presence! Nationally, endorsements of the COS Project continue to pour in, as Texas Governor Greg Abbott and conservative economist Thomas Sowell have thrown their support to our process!

The next steps in our “SURGE Plan” are to continue to blitz the halls of the Capitol. We will be meeting on Tuesday next week, instead of the normal Monday due to The Martin Luther King Holiday. I encourage all who can attend to meet Randy Phalp near the North Security Entrance at 8:30am to help distribute the next letter “Is the Second Amendment at Risk? An Open Letter from Chuck Cooper”. All following weeks will again meet on Monday’s or Wednesdays as scheduled.

Finally, mark your calendars and plan to attend a Rally in the Rotunda on February 17th at 10am, as Senator Tom Coburn will be a guest speaker on behalf of the COS Project! If there is ONE day you can attend, this IS the day to join the COS Team, and all your fellow supporters, as we make our final push for a vote on HCR5010 in the House of Representatives!

Again, let’s work together and make passage in Kansas happen! We look forward to you joining us at the Kansas State Capitol. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself or anyone else from our team. Thanks for all you do!

For Liberty,    

Tony Gillette – State Director