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Kansas House Votes to Move Forward!

Kansas took their very first vote today on the Convention of States resolution to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.  The Kansas House of Representatives voted 77-44 to move forward on the consideration of the application to add Kansas to the list of states signing on to the Convention of States model legislation.  This was a procedural vote only, but allows you to understand who is supportive and who is not.

Click this link to review the voting: Kansas House Vote

Please call the no votes, and encourage them to change their minds over the weekend and support our resolution when it comes up for final passage on Monday which requires 84 Yes votes!

Nay - (44):




 SloanS. SwansonTietzeToddTrimmerVictorsWardWilsonWinnWolfe Moore,


Please call these specifically:

Representative Party District Office Phone
Rep. Rahjes R 110 785 296-7676
Rep. Becker R 104 785 296-7196
Rep. Dierks R 71 785 296-7642
Rep. Clark R 65 785-296-7483
Rep. Sloan R 45 785 296-7632
Rep. Edmonds R 112 785 296-5593
Rep. Frownfelter D 37 785 296-7691
Rep. Whipple D 96 785 296-7366
Rep. Hill R
Rep. Todd R 29 785 296-7695
Rep. E. Davis R 15 785-296-7658
Rep. S. Swanson R 64 785-296-7642