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Kansas House Votes "No" on Fixing the Federal Government

Yesterday in Topeka, the Kansas House, rejected Kansas' application under Article V of the U.S. Constitution to call a Convention of States to fix the problems with the federal government.  Looking at the votes, it would seem that liberty is alive in our House of Representatives. The measure had support on a 77-47 margin.  Unfortunately HJR5010 did not meet the 84 (2/3) threshold for passage as required in Kansas.  This high threshold is unusual, but is part of the MANY safeguards in place in the Article V amendment process.  The voting was clear where the battle lines of liberty are to be drawn.  This was a bipartisan issue garnering votes in favor from both political parties. Commend the "Yes" votes for their stance in recognizing the dire condition of our federal government and for taking a stand.

Where does the movement in Kansas go from here?  There are nearly 11,000 Kansans pushing the measure with more signing up every day.  This is certainly not a dead issue, and in fact could be brought up for reconsideration at any point if enough of the "no" votes today commit themselves to a "yes".  It is now in our hands to reach out to these Representatives in a polite and professional way and ask for time to explain the merits of this movement.

These are the members of your legislature that voted "No" on proposing amendments to the United States Constitution that would place further limits on the size, scope, and jurisdiction of the federal government, term limits on federal officials, and fiscal restraints on the federal government. 

Alcala (D), Anthimides (R), Ballard (D), Becker (R), Bollier (R), Burroughs (D), Carlin (D), Carmichael (D), Clark (R), Clayton (R), 

Curtis (D), E.Davis (R), Dierks (R), Doll (R), Edmonds (R), Finney (D), Frownfelter (D), Gallagher (D), Henderson (D), Henry (D), 

Hibbard (R), Highberger (D), Hill (R), Hineman (R), Houser (R), Houston (D), Kuether (D), Lusk (D), Lusker (D), Moxley (R), 

Ousley (D), Phillips (R), Proehl (R), Rooker (R), Ruiz (D), Sawyer (D), Scott (D), Sloan (R), S.Swanson (R), Tietze (D), Todd (R), 

Trimmer (D), Victors (D), Ward (D), Wilson (D), Winn (D), Wolfe Moore (D)

Look up your Representative and Senator HERE and encourage them both to support the Convention of States.  Please also thank them for if they voted for it and encourage future support!