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How did we get here?

The Constitutional protection of our natural rights; self-defense, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech freedom of association, and economic freedom left hanging on 5 to 4  outcome of the vote of 9 people? 

How did we allow the very nature of our government and the definition of human liberty to seem to turn on the loss of one good man? 

How did we get here?  More importantly, how do we find our way back?

It cannot be blamed on anyone else.  We were not invaded or conquered.  No bloody revolution attended the change in the way America defines Liberty Justice or the American dream. 

It’s ON US:  We lost the vigilance our founders’ advised was the constant cost of liberty

We entrusted education to government without sufficient oversight 

We demanded entertainment from our news outlets. 

We sought a “savior” from the political class rather than learning and applying Constitutional principles to the political process. 

We allowed Liberty to be re-defined as “freedom from responsibility.”

We allowed a hyphenated version of Justice to take the place of Equal Under Law. 

We allowed our kids to be fed a steady diet of anti-American rhetoric while they were denied an honest recital of actual historical facts, and the empowerment that comes of authentic Civic engagement.  Destruction of lives and property passes for “political speech” by some while lawful and orderly organization is penalized by the IRS. 

We allowed that Civics be replaced with “Social Studies”

We celebrated “diversity” while omitting the UNITY which animates a diverse body politic.

We allowed the American dream – the desire of every human heart to breathe free – to be re-defined as a “minimum-guaranteed standard of living to be provided at public expense.”

This isn’t just a litany of blame.  Only by acknowledging our OWN role in getting here are we sufficiently empowered to turn it around. 

Are we ready to say “This is on US?  We permitted this and it’s up to US to turn it around”?

Are we yet ready to bring power home

Our Constitution provides the mechanism.   Article V of the US Constitution provides that the States may convene to propose Amendments. 

The ACT of convening the States against the top-down tyranny that our federal Government today represents is the single most powerful way to repudiate the false “values” of Collectivist Statism presently being forced down our throats.   

Once convened, the states can make eligible, measures long overdue for reigning in the power of the Federal Government; Term limits, balanced budget, debt-limit approval from the States and a process by which states can rescind Federal Regulations and Judicial rulings which impede on their sovereignty.  With consequential power pushed back to the States, we will have a 2nd chance to exercise the vigilance that keeps America Free.