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How your state passes an Article V application

How does your state pass the Convention of States Article V application?

There are six main steps:

1. A state legislator agrees to sponsor the application (or, resolution).

2. The application is filed and given a resolution number.

3. The application is heard by one or more committees.

4. If it passes all the committees, the application is heard by the House/Senate as a whole.

5. The same process repeats in the opposite chamber -- either the House or the Senate.

6. If the application passes both chambers, it becomes an official application to Congress for an Article V Convention of States.

Note that our application is always filed as a resolution (as opposed to a bill), which means it does not have to be signed by the governor.

That's the basic process. If you want a more detailed explanation, check out this document.

Also be sure to check out all the resources we've provided in our Citizen's Toolkit. There, you can find answers to all your Article V questions and tools to help you spread the word!