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Help save our Republic!! Be part of the 0.1%

Passing the resolution is ONLY THE FIRST STEP! The goal is not just to pass a resolution calling for a convention. The goal is ratified amendments and saving our Republic!

Some people express doubts about the chances of success for the Convention of States Project. Most change their minds when they understand our ground game and our strategy.

What is that strategy? It's simple, really. The strategy is to identify, connect with, organize and train 100 activists/supporters in each state house district. That's it.

Why at the state house district level? Why 100 per district? It's at the state house district level because the convention is controlled by state legislatures. It's 100 activists, because with that many, "We The People" will have a VERY strong influence on the state legislatures. (No state representative wants to cross 100 committed activists in their district).

Just imagine at least 100 activists in each of the 99 state house Districts in Tennessee. That would be a grassroots army of 10,000 people! Now just imagine everyone in this army responding to a call-to-action and either calling or visiting the General Assembly -- all in a single day! Legislative Plaza would barely hold a quarter of those activists! We would shut down the phone lines. The halls of Legislative Plaza would be buzzing with "Convention of States Project". We will be an overwhelming political force in Tennessee -- and across the country.

Simply put, with this much grassroots pressure, the General Assembly would be more than willing to: a) propose effective amendments at the convention AND b) ratify those proposed amendments.

Do the math. 100 activists per state house district is less than 1 person for every 1,000 in the country. That's all it takes to virtually control the state legislatures across the country. Think about it. 1/10 of 1% of the population can ensure effective, ratified amendments. There are many times that number of people in this country longing for a return to a constitutional republic. They are simply not organized -- yet! The COSP is giving "We The People" a voice by using the tool given to us by the Founders in Article V. We The People are organizing. We will restore our Republic!

WE NEED YOU TO BE PART OF THE 0.1% !! Please get involved.

Here is what you can do:

1) Learn more at our next monthly meeting, particularly the first half-hour (the introduction, see below) and/or

2) Login to Then go to, scroll down to the bottom right, and reach out to your "point person". The point person is either your District Captain or "State Leader". If it says "State Leader", it means your District does not yet have a DC. In that case, you can contact one of the people listed below in the "Patriot Games" section of this email. They will get you connected to the project.