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Great news in Tennessee!

The good news keeps rolling in.

Yesterday, the Tennessee Senate Finance, Ways, and Means Committee passed the Convention of States resolution on a 8-1-2 vote.

Our team in Tennessee did a fantastic job standing up, speaking up, and showing up for liberty. They answered the call to action, contacting their senator and members of the committee. Then they showed up at the committee hearing, sitting in the front row and proudly wearing their Convention of States buttons.


We encourage residents of Tennessee to send a quick note to the members of the Finance, Ways, and Means Committee, thanking them for passing our resolution (SJR 67). Click here to find their contact information.

The next step in Tennessee is the Senate floor. You'll be receiving more details in the coming days, but for now you should contact your state senator, asking them to support SJR 67 when it comes to a vote. Click here to find your state senator.

Thanks for all your hard work, and we look forward to giving you more good news in the coming weeks!