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Letter From Sen. Ebke To Nebraska

Senator Ebke toured the state of Nebraska during 2015 putting on a series of town halls in most of the state legislative districts.  She is the prime sponsor for the Convention of States resolution in Nebraska (LR35) which was on the floor of the Unicameral yesterday for debate.  

She wrote a letter to her emailing list, and we though we might post it and get it out to our emailing list as well:


Dear Friends,

I wanted to take just a few minutes before I head home to fill you in on what happened to LR35 on the floor today.

First, let me say that I am incredibly grateful for the support you've given from around the state.  Thank you to many of you for welcoming me to your communities as I drove 5000 miles around the state and held 33 town hall events. That was a time that I will never forget.

Unfortunately, LR35 fell victim to a Chambers filibuster, aided by Senator Adam Morfeld and several others.  Senator Chambers filed a motion to Recommit to Committee, and after about 1 1/2 hours of debate, the question was called.  A motion to recommit to committee essentially kills the resolution, if successful, in a short session like we're in. It takes 25 votes to be successful. They got 25. If one of the Yes votes and voted Present, No, or been Absent, we would still be on the floor tomorrow, and still have a chance for an honest up or down vote, which was my goal.

The following senators voted YES, effectively casting a vote to send back to committee, and killing the bill:

Senators Baker, Bloomfiled, Bolz, Brasch, Campbell, Chambers, Cook, Crawford, Davis, Ken Haar, Hadley, Hansen, Burke Harr, Howard, Kolowski, Krist, McCollister, Mello, Morfeld, Pansing Brooks, Schumacher, Seiler, Stinner, Sullivan, Williams.

All others either voted NO, PRESENT, or were EXCUSED.  Those Present and Excused did not harm our cause, and I believe that many of them would have ultimately voted with us, if we'd gotten an up or down vote on the actual resolution.

I am, of course, disappointed. But we're not beaten. We can bring this back again next year.  There will be new senators after the election. If this cause is important to you, and your legislative district has a legislative race this year, put it on the radar of candidates.

Again, thank you for your efforts.  We'll get it done next time!

Best wishes,

Senator Laura Ebke

We would like to say thank you to Senator Ebke!  Please email here at and express your thanks for her hard work! Stay tuned, because we will be scheduling town halls again across Nebraska!  Get involved as a volunteer, and perhaps a leader in your district by going to

In addition please feel free to reach out to the State Senators listed above and let them know what you think of the shenanigans that was played yesterday in the Unicameral.  For instance... The Chairman of the committee LR35 passed out of last year on its way to the floor, voted yesterday to put it back into his committee...  Why did he vote it out of the committee he chaired if in fact he didn't think it should have gone to the floor for a vote.  If you are tired of the games that are being played, please pay attention and get involved.

Here is a link to all of the Senators in the Unicameral.

Here is a link to the Nebraska Legislation.

Refuse to let fear dictate your life. Sign the petition and urge YOUR state legislators to support the Convention of States resolution.