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DOJ Fights Court-Ordered Ethics Training

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that a federal judge has ordered Department of Justice employees to participate in ethics training after they engaged in a "calculated plan of unethical conduct" to deliberately mislead the judge about material facts in a case before the court. The DOJ guessed it...challenging the order in federal court, maintaining that the ethics training "exceed[s] the bounds of appropriate remedies." The DOJ's position is that ethics training as a remedy for a breach of ethics is an inappropriate remedy. Only a federal bureaucrat could come up with an argument like that and expect Americans to swallow it.

The federal government is not going to clean its own house. And as this case so clearly demonstrates, they will fight anyone who tries to do it for them. Article V is the Constitutional remedy for these kinds of abuses. It's time. Please click here to sign the on-line petition. And use the buttons below to share COS with your friends.

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