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COS Resolution Pre-Filed in Virginia

I am excited to announce that our sponsor, Delegate Scott Lingamfelter, has officially pre-filed the Convention of States resolution in Virginia for the 2016 session of the General Assembly! Our resolution will be known as House Joint Resolution 3, or HJ3, and you can read it here

In a nutshell, the resolution calls for an amendment-proposing convention of the states under Article V of the U.S. Constitution, limited to proposing amendments that do one of three things: (1) impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, (2) limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, or (3) set term limits for federal officials (including federal judges).

But WAIT! There's MORE! 

As you may recall, during the 2015 legislative session, several Virginia legislators expressed concerns about how the process would actually work once 34 state legislatures file applications and the Article V convention is triggered. 

We listened. We heard them. And now we have addressed their concerns in black and white.

Even though we already know, from history and court precedent, how interstate conventions (including an Article V convention) operate, we have now built those specifications right into our resolution, providing yet an additional layer of protection on the process!

Among other things, the additional language specifies that:

  • Congress can play no role in the convention process, other than setting the time and date for the first meeting;
  • Virginia will choose and instruct its own delegates to the convention;
  • Voting must be on a one-state, one-vote basis; and
  • Absolutely no changes may be made to the Bill of Rights.

Now the issue that every Virginia legislator must confront is this: Will we continue to allow an out-of-control federal government to run roughshod over states' rights and individual liberties? Or will we instead use the constitutional process available to us to get Washington, D.C. back in check?

It's as simple as that. Please do YOUR part to reclaim self-governance for future generations of Americans by contacting your delegate and senator and asking them to support Delegate Lingamfelter's House Joint Resolution 3. You can find your state legislators here. Please don't wait--please do this today.

For Liberty,
Rita Dunaway
Virginia Legislative Liaison