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Convention of States update!

We've had a number of requests to post an update of our legislative status from around the country. Here's where we stand so far:

  • Four states have passed the Convention of States application - Florida, Georgia, Alaska, and Alabama.
  • Seven state houses have passed our application - Arizona, Arkansas, North Dakota, New Mexico, Iowa, Louisiana, and Texas.
  • Three state senates have pass our application - Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Missouri.
  • Multiple state committees have passed our application.
  • Thirty-seven state legislatures began considering our specific application this year -- a record in the history of our country.

As you can see, we've enjoyed a huge amount of success since our founding in 2013, and all signs point to even more victories in the future!

Did you know you can join the Convention of States team in your state? This will allow you to hear about state events and connect with other Convention of States volunteers in your area.

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