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Convention of States Gaining Momentum in Illinois

Our team in Illinois is doing great work! The following is an excerpt from an article that describes the progress being made in the Land of Lincoln.

"I'd like more information about this..."

That was the oft-repeated line spoken to Convention of States Projects Illinois Legislative Liaison Victoria Deppe as she spent last week in Springfield talking to lawmakers from both parties and their staffers about an Article V Convention of States.

Under Article V of the Constitution should two-thirds of the state legislatures make an application, a Convention of the States would be called where delegates would debate proposed amendments to the Constitution for possible ratification by three-fourths of the state legislatures.

According to Deppe, lawmakers in Springfield have been surprisingly receptive to her effort.

Because Illinois is a donor state, "The Idea that we could get tens of billions of dollars back from this washing of money through the federal government is very appealing to Illinois legislators," Deppe said.

Deppe says that voters she's talked to have been most receptive to the idea of an Article V Convention, especially when the topic of Congress exempting itself from the laws it passes comes up.

"I have yet to talk to someone no matter how liberal or conservative who thinks that is okay," she said.

Read the full article here.