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Tuesday Volunteer Leadership Training

Candidate Survey Instructions

Activities for District Captains and Volunteer in Districts with Upcoming Elections

Conduct a Candidate Survey in your district as part of our national program.

Note: Candidate surveys involve a highly regulated area of law. These instructions are provided for your protection and the protection of Convention of States Action. You MUST follow the procedures laid out in this document exactly. Failure to do so may give rise to personal legal liability and may result in the termination of your volunteer status. Any questions related to the legal issues surrounding this survey should be directed

Legal Requirements:

  • You may NOT use your position with COS or any survey results to support or oppose any candidate for public office. You may NOT use COS resources or channels of communication for such an effort. As a private individual, completely separate from any involvement with COS, you may support any political candidate of your choosing with your own time and your own resources.
  • You may NOT publish or distribute survey responses in your state or district in any manner or form. COS Action will compile the survey results and publish them in your state in a legally appropriate manner.
  • You MUST give all candidates an equal opportunity to respond to the survey regardless of political party or odds of winning the election (this includes candidates who are running unopposed).
  • You MAY follow up with candidates after the survey results have been published for the purpose of educating them about COS and changing or solidifying their position.

Survey Instructions:

1. Acquire contact information for ALL candidates (including incumbent, if running again) in your district. This information is usually available from campaign websites, on facebook, or on You can also contact your local or state board or department of elections. (Please let your state leaders know if you need help finding the information).

2. Send EACH candidate the following e-mail:

Dear [Candidate Name],

On behalf of the Convention of States Action volunteers in this district, I am conducting a survey to determine which candidates for our state legislature support our efforts to use Article V of the Constitution to impose fiscal restraints on Washington, D.C., limit federal power and jurisdiction, and consider term limits for federal judges and/or other federal officials. Please follow this link to complete the survey..

We will be informing our supporters and donors of the survey results.

3. Complete this this spreadsheet identifying all of the candidates in your district, their contact information, and the date when you sent the above email. Once you have emailed all candidates in your district please email the completed spreadsheet to your Regional Director.

Even though it is election season, please make sure that you continue building and engaging the grassroots in your district! Continue to do the activities assigned to “Grassroots Growth Districts”!