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Call To Action - Send the Leader Video to Your State Representative

This is for you and EVERY CITIZEN --

Send the message below to your State Representative.  The point of the message is to get your Representative to watch the video at the link in the message.

The message asks your Representative to watch the video and let them know you will follow up with a phone call or visit at their office.  You need to watch the video and so you are prepared to discuss it with your Representative.


  1. Write an email in your own words or use the template below.  If you use the template change the first words or any of it to your own words.

  2. Put your own comment in the "Subject" line related to the video.


Email Template (optional) - copy text and paste in email



Representative ___;

I want to thank you for your service in the Missouri House.

I’m writing to ask that you support HCR 57, which I believe is the most important matter that you will ever deliberate and vote on in your political career.  If we get every other issue right, but do not hold Washington accountable, demand fiscal restraints, and hold those in Congress to some type of term rotation to break the cycle of career politicians,  our republic will go the way of all others. It will be lost, and future generations will suffer.   

This resolution calls for Missouri to join with other states in a discussion, a convention of states to do just that.   I ask you to support HCR 57, because it is about the states preserving the power that belongs to you as a state legislator.  This resolution calls for a historical meeting of states for proposing amendments that will apply fiscal restraints, term limits or rotation, and restrain the power and jurisdiction of the federal government. 

We need you to be a Leader among leaders.

Please take the time to view this Nat’l video featuring state legislators and leaders from across the nation... including Missouri.  I will be calling or stopping by your office to visit with you about it.

Please support HCR 57, and stand up for Missouri as a state.

Please call me anytime if I can be of service to you.

Thank you,

<your name>

<Your Address if in the representative's district>



Follow Up Call or visit to the Capitol -

Script (example) - Use this script if you need help with the conversation with your Representative or their staff.

  • I'm calling to find out if Representative ________ received my email.
  • I would like to discuss the video at the link I included in the email.

The conversation with your Representative:

  • Ask for their thoughts and impression of the video.

  • Ask them if they will be a Leader and do their constitutional duty by voting YES on HCR 57 when it goes to the House floor. 

Note: The video in the email template is a national video with Missouri State Senator Kurt Schaefer in it 3 times.


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