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New Hampshire

Call Your NH Representatives in the Next 24 Hours to Support SCR4!!!


URGENT CALL TO ACTION!  The New Hampshire House is voting on the Convention of States Application (SCR4) this Wednesday and it is critical that your state representatives hear from you in the next 24 hours!!!

We need your support to help make New Hampshire the 8th state to pass our Article V application and be part of history. Please click LOOK UP MY REPRESENTATIVES to find their phone numbers and email addresses by selecting your town. Make sure to call them and nicely ask them to vote in favor of SCR4 and when sending an email put in the subject line "Support SCR4!", "YES on SCR4!", or "Pass SCR4!" with a short message asking them to pass our resolution.  Please add your name and address to your email message so that they know it is coming from someone living in New Hampshire.

Convention of States Sign Rally at the New Hampshire State House on Wednesday, May 11th at 8:30AM!


It all comes down to this!  The New Hampshire House is voting on our Convention of States Resolution SCR4 on Wednesday, May 11th and we are going to hold a sign rally at the steps of the State House to show all the arriving representatives that we want them to pass SCR4!  We will be meeting at 8:30AM at the front of the State House at 25 Capitol St, Concord, NH to hold signs in support of SCR4 (signs will be provided).

Please plan for about one hour for the rally.

We need as many Convention of States supporters as possible to show that the citizens of New Hampshire want to pass our Article V application!

Please arrive early as it will take time to find a parking spot.  There are several parking garages in the area and parking meters on the side streets.

A number of you have already replied to let us know you are coming. Thank you!  If you haven't done so, please do so now!

Let us know you plan on attending by clicking I PLAN ON ATTENDING SIGN RALLY 


Thank you for your support!

Ken Quinn

Regional Director

(207) 713-8700