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Call to Action Kansas & American Patriots!

Today Kansas’ Convention of States application is being killed by one person.  Speaker Ray Merrick, as a self proclaimed Constitutionalist and former Chairman of ALEC, refuses to run HCR 5010 to a vote on the House floor without giving reason.  We feel he is trying to run out the clock before the legislators adjourn for the session which will postpone and possibly take out Kansas from participating in the Convention of States. 

The Kansas National Federation of Independent Business and The Kansas Association of Counties have both endorsed this measure since they have to live in their means.  Its time Washington DC starts living within its means like Kansas and the rest of us.

There is no reason to postpone this vote.  The Kansas House has overwhelming supported this measure, yet we are being told that no vote will be taken.  The Founding Fathers purposely put this measure in the constitution in order to give state legislators the power to respond to an out of control federal government.  The rest of the Kansas House Leadership has supported this measure.  Why no vote Mr. Speaker?

We need all Kansans to call and email Speaker Merrick and the rest of the Kansas House Leadership listed below and politely and respectfully….but FIRMLY ask them to bring the Kansas’ Convention of States application HCR5010 to a vote as soon as possible.

We are also asking ALL patriots NATIONWIDE that understand that our power drunken federal government MUST be reined in by the state legislatures using the lawful, peaceful, and Constitutional process that our founders gave to the states SPECIFICALLY for times like we face today.  Please call from far and wide to all these leaders in the Kansas legislature listed below and let them know that Kansas and the rest of the country is ready to pass the Convention of States Project resolution in order to stop the runaway federal government. Again, please be polite and respectful……but firm.

Speaker Ray Merrick
Phone: 785-296-2302

Speaker Pro Tem Peggy Mast

Phone: 785-291-3500

Majority Leader Jene Vickrey

Phone: 785-296-7662

Assistant Majority Leader Mario Goico

Phone: 785 296-7663

House Majority Whip Willie Dove

Phone: 785 296-7658

House Majority Chair Travis Couture-Lovelady

Phone: 785 296-4683

Thank you for your help and for standing with the founders of our great nation!


David Schneider

Kansas State Director

Convention of States Project

Cell: 620-381-3962