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Trump's First 100 days

The Convention of States surveyed more than 3,312 grassroots leaders and activists representing all 50 states done over a 4 day period - launched on April 20 and closed on April 24 - about Trump’s and Congress’s first 100 days. 

President Trump’s grade slips, while the results also hit media even more and continue to be critical of Congress for not working with the president.  

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Mark Meckler: "The chances are good" that Iowa becomes the 11th state to pass the COS resolution

We have the votes to make Iowa the 11th state to call a Convention of States -- the Iowa Senate just needs to call for a vote!

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Missouri Senate passes Convention of States resolution

The Missouri Senate yesterday passed SJR4, the Convention of States resolution, on a 26 to 7 vote. The Congress can learn something from Senator Mike Kehoe (SD-06), who, as the legislation's primary sponsor, was instrumental in leading the charge this year. 

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COS volunteer expertly responds to anti-Article V misinformation

If you ever see fear and misinformation being spread in your local newspaper, write a letter to the editor! Writing a letter to the editor is a great way to educate your community about Article V and correct any false or misleading information. The following is a great example, written by one of our volunteers in Nebraska.

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North Dakota is Number 10! Legislature passes Convention of States resolution

The Convention of States Project, the largest Article V grassroots organization in the Country, is pleased to announce that the North Dakota Senate passed HCR3006 by a voice vote, becoming the 10th state to pass the COS Resolution. 

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ALERT: TN Senator Attempts to Rescind COS Resolution

Calling all Convention of States supporters nationwide: Tennessee Senator Mike Bell has filed legislation to rescind the COS resolution passed just last year by the Tennessee legislature!  

This is a serious attack on the entire Convention of States Project.  

Senator Bell needs to hear from you now.  Politely ask Senator Bell to withdraw SJR0254.

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Levin and Meckler: Which states will follow Arizona's lead this year?

Arizona made history yesterday by becoming the ninth state to call for an Article V Convention of States.

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Arizona is #9! State legislature votes to call a Convention of States

Phoenix, AZ, March 13—Arizona’s 52nd General Assembly made history as the House Continuing Resolution 2010 with the final vote 16-14 in favor, calling for a Convention of States to propose amendments under Article V of the United States Constitution. HCR2010 was sponsored in the House by Majority Whip, Representative Kelly Townsend from Mesa (District 16) and in the Senate by Senate Sponsor, Senator John Kavanaugh from Scottsdale (Senate District 23).

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Texan: Federal agencies are harassing me over my own ranch

Federal regulations have real consequences for real people. In the case of this COS volunteer from Texas, those regulations are threatening a ranch that has been in his family for nearly 100 years.

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Get the inside scoop on North Carolina's Legislative Kickoff!

Convention of States North Carolina leaders flooded the capitol to build support for our resolution with legislators!

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