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In the News: North Carolina to vote on Convention of States resolution

The following excerpt was written by Corey Friedman and originally published in The Wilson Times.

Jim DeMint couldn’t convince his Capitol Hill colleagues to balance the budget, but he says state lawmakers wield untapped power to shrink federal spending and cut Washington down to size.

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Convention of States llama?? Volunteers get creative in North Carolina

When it comes to saving the country, Convention of States volunteers pull out all the stops. Senator Jim DeMint traveled to North Carolina this week to encourage state legislators to vote for the Convention of States resolution, and volunteers in the Tar Heel State made sure state representatives would never forget his visit. As the News & Observer reports: 

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In the News: Maine could be next to call for a Convention of States

The Article V movement is spreading across the country, and Maine could become the 13th state to call for a Convention of States.

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Missouri passes Convention of States application, becoming 12th state to do so

The Convention of States Project is proud to announce that Missouri becomes the 12th state to pass the identical Article V resolution. 

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In the News: Texas victory important for "restraining runaway federal government"

Everyone is talking about the recent victory in the Lone Star State!

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In the News: Texas joins call for Convention of States to rein in Washington

The following article was written by Lana Shadwick and originally published on

The Republican-controlled Texas Legislature passed a Convention of States Resolution, becoming the eleventh. Article V of the U.S. Constitution allows for a Convention of States to restrict the power of the federal government.

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Texas is #11!

In a massive show of force by Texas House legislators and Convention of States Project Texas grassroots—Texas steps all-in to rein in the federal government and dismantle the “deep state.”

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Huge Win: NC Senate passes Convention of States resolution

We have great news from North Carolina!

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Trump's First 100 days

The Convention of States surveyed more than 3,312 grassroots leaders and activists representing all 50 states done over a 4 day period - launched on April 20 and closed on April 24 - about Trump’s and Congress’s first 100 days. 

President Trump’s grade slips, while the results also hit media even more and continue to be critical of Congress for not working with the president.  

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Mark Meckler: "The chances are good" that Iowa becomes the 11th state to pass the COS resolution

We have the votes to make Iowa the 11th state to call a Convention of States -- the Iowa Senate just needs to call for a vote!

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