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Biggs Refuses to Allow Senate to Vote in Arizona

We fought the good fight in Arizona, and I'm so proud of our team in the Grand Canyon State. Unfortunately, despite legislative support for our application in the Arizona House and Senate, and a groundswell of national support in the last 72 hours, Senate President Andy Biggs refused to allow the Senate to vote on our application.

We lost this battle, but I'm not giving up, and neither should you. I'm so encouraged by the citizens of Arizona, and I don't think one man will be able to silence their voices much longer.

Thanks to all in Arizona who called, wrote, and spoke with their state representatives--your commitment to your country is truly inspiring, and I'm honored to stand beside you.

Thanks especially to Arizona State Director Yale Wishnick and Arizona Legislative Liaison Linda Brickman. Their tenacity and dedication brought us farther than we thought possible, and saved us when we thought all hope was lost. Linda had this to say to the AZ Convention of States team:

"Thank you all for the great support we had in Arizona! It will not go unnoticed and not in vain. This is only the stepping stone to future successes. Thank you for letting me be a part of this awesome team. God Bless you all."

Linda is right. We learned some important lessons this year, and we'll use those lessons to ensure our success in 2015. For now, keep spreading the word about the last, best chance to preserve liberty in this country.

I'm already excited for next year.