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Ask your Senator to Co-Sponsor SCR-52

Thank you for your actions last week and the week before. We got responses from many of the Senators saying they are considering cosponsoring the resolution.




I need you to CALL and EMAIL the Senators below. These are Senators we have identified as likely to cosponsor the Convention of States resolution. And I also need you to do me another favor. When you email them, I would like for you to BLIND CC (BCC) ME on your email. Also after you've called, if you don't mind I'd like for you to send me an email saying you've called so we can keep a tally. My email is And don't worry, THE EMAILS ARE RIGHT THIS TIME! 



Mack A "Bodie" White  (225) 272-1324



Conrad Appel   (504) 838-5550



Daniel Martiny  (504) 834-7676



Jack Donahue   (985) 727-7949



Dale Erdey   (225) 686-2881



Rick Ward,III   (225) 246-8838



Eddie Lambert  (225) 673-5048



Norby Chabert   (985) 858-2927




Bret Allain   (337) 828-9107



Fred Mills  (337) 365-8484



Ronnie Johns   (337) 491-2016



John Smith   (337) 238-2709



Ryan Gatti   (318) 746-0861


Here is what I need you to say to these Senators,


Hello my name is [your name]. I am a voter and resident of the state of Louisiana. I am calling/writing Senator [name] office because there is a very important piece of legislation that has just been introduced in the Senate called the Convention of States resolution. The bill number is SCR52 authored by Senator Dan Claitor. I would like to urge Senator [name] to cosponsor the resolution and stand with Senator Claitor and the other Senators in support of SCR52, the Convention of States resolution. I truly believe that this legislation is the only way to effectively reign in the federal government. 


When saying and typing the script above, you don't have to say it like this word for word. I encourage you to add your own twist to it. 


And remember, BCC me on the email you send to the Senators and shoot me another email saying you've called these Senators offices so we can keep a tally of how many calls were made. My email is Thank you! 


Remember we are doing this to restore constitutional sanity in Washington D.C. The federal government has grown beyond the bounds of what the Founders intended. Only through an Article V Convention of States can we effectively make the structural changes necessary to return power back to the people. 


Thank you all so very much for taking part in this effort! We truly couldn't do it without all of you! Thank you!! 


In Liberty,


Bryce Barras

Louisiana State Director

Convention of States Action