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Ask the House to support SCR 52

Now that we've passed the Senate, we are moving onto the House of Representatives. We are expected to have a hearing in the House and Governmental Affairs Committee soon. 

Here is what we need you to do. We need YOU to CALL and EMAIL these House members and ASK THEM TO COSPONSOR the resolution. By having them cosponsor the resolution, we have a much better shot at passing. 

Here is what you can say:

Representative [Name], 

My name is [Your Name]. I am a voter and resident of Louisiana. There is a very important piece of legislation heading over to the House called SCR52, the Convention of States resolution, authored by Senator Dan Claitor. I believe by calling a Convention of States we can help restore the balance between the states and the federal government. I would urge you to add your name to the already long list of cosponsors and support the resolution. Thank you for your time. 

I encourage you to be creative and add your own twist to the above script. Just remember to BE POLITE. 

Or you can simply click the LINK here and send an email to the entire House.

Thank you so much for taking part in this effort! We couldn't do it without any of you! Together we will restore liberty for the current and future generations! 

In Liberty,

Bryce Barras

Louisiana State Director
Convention of States Action