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Another distraction grenade - again in the form of a FORCIBLE change to a social construct related to sexuality - has been lobbed at the American people by the Federal Government.

Once again, the attention of the media will be centered on the sexual content to which the policy relates and the "merits" or demerits of the policy being forced. An effort will be made to paint those oppose to the law as "bigots" and those who support the law as "open-minded" Liberals. TOP-DOWN, edicts concerning the most intimate aspects of living, issued without input from the people or their representatives are apparently "liberal" in the minds of some.

Few will mention the TOP-DOWN, authoritarian and UNLAWFUL use of Federal power. This is in fact where any constructive attention should be focused!

Rather than fighting these battles one at a time, let's deal with the CAUSE of Federal over-reach and the emergence of an authoritarian administrative state which is ravaging our Constitutional Republic.

The ONLY way to combat this problem is to CONVENE the STATES under Article V - which hold the only power equal to that of the Federal Government.

In order to achieve this, we need your voice, your signature on the petition, your HELP in spreading the word!

If you've already signed, please talk to a neighbor or a friend about COS today. SHARE the news that we have a solution with everyone in your life.