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Why Voters are so Angry

In a piece by guest columnist Sen. David Perdue, the Daily Signal reports that a shocking 86% of voters surveyed agreed with the statement, "people like me don't have any say about what the government does." This is a travesty in a constitutional republic. Perdue explains that the unusual dynamic in this year's presidential primaries is a backlash against politicians paying more attention to special interest groups & powerful lobbyists writing checks to their next campaign, than to the people back home who sent them there in the first place. He goes on:

A growing number of Americans are more motivated by this feeling of frustration than any individual political ideology. The rise of the career politician has shifted the political paradigm from liberal vs. conservative to the Washington political class vs. everybody else…the insiders vs. the outsiders.

This explains why Sanders and Trump have gained so much traction during this primary season. Voters on both sides of the aisle agree with Sanders: the system IS rigged. And Trump has so successfully tapped into this anger that Democrat primary voting is down over 20%. Democrats are crossing the aisle to vote in the Republican primary in numbers not seen since the Reagan era.

But what no candidate will tell you is that the president has very little power to fix this problem, because the president can't make law. The only power the president has is the ability to sign or veto laws passed by Congress. And Congress isn't going to vote to make these reforms any time soon…there's just too much power and money involved. As Sen. Jim DeMint says, "I went to Washington to drain the swamp; but when I got there, I discovered that my colleagues thought it was a hot tub."

The founders foresaw this problem, and that's why they gave the states the power to mobilize to impose reforms on Washington that Congress won't undertake on its own. Please sign our on-line petition at If you're ready to join us as a volunteer, click here to get started. 

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