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American Flag Etiquette

Flag Code Do’s and Don’ts

With the 4th of July quickly approaching, patriots across the nation will have  their American Flags on full display. With that in mind, we decided to remind everyone of the Flag Code by displaying some of the rules and instructions, that should be observed when displaying our stars and stripes.

Raising and Lowering the Flag

★      Raised quickly and lowered slowly and ceremoniusly

★      Displayed between sunrise and sunset, and if displayed at not it is to be illuminated.

★      Salute the Flag as it is raised

★      Continue holding the salute while lowering until the Flag is unsnapped from the halyard or until the last note of music is played.

When Displayed Indoors

★      Flag to be displayd to the right of a speaker, staging area,or sanctuary.

★      Additional Flags should be hung to the left of the American Flag.

★      While on display in a group, should be in the center and at the highest point of any Flag.


Parading the Flag

★      Flag should always be to the right of the marchers, when it is the lone Flag being represented.

★      When with other Flags, American Flag may be centered in front of the others,

★      Or carried to their right

Now for the Do Not’s, these include

  • Never to be used as a decoration. Use bunting instead, with the blue stripe on the top.
  • Not to be used as advertising.
  • Not to be used as part of a costume
  • Do not use as a receptacle to carry, deliver, hold, or receive anything.
  • Do not allow the Flag to touch the ground