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Action Needed On These Committee Members!

As you know, we've passed the Senate and are now moving onto the House. We have a committee hearing on WEDNESDAY May 18th in the House and Governmental Affairs Committee. Our opposition is out en masse trying to stop this from passing. Even though we passed the House last year, it isn't a given that we will pass this year. I need you to do two things.

1.) I would like to have as many volunteers as possible attend the committee hearing. The committee hearing is in the State Capitol Building, on the ground level, in Room 2, at 10am. We don't want anyone to testify. We already have a plan for certain people to do that. What we need you to do is show up to the hearing, and fill out a GREEN CARD to show you support the resolution. I want to blow the committee away by how many people show up! 

Please email me at if you plan on attending.

2.) I need you to call the 7 Republicans on the committee and ask them to support SCR52, the Convention of States resolution. Without these 7 Republicans, we will likely not get out of this committee. 

Stephen Pugh, (985)386-7844

Lance Harris, (318)767-6095

Barry Ivey, (225)261-5739

Gregory Miller, (985)764-9991

Jay Morris, (318)362-4270

John Schroder, (985)893-6262

Robert Shadoin, (318)251-5039

Here is what you can say:

Representative [Name], 

My name is [Your Name]. I am a voter and resident of Louisiana. There is a very important piece of legislation heading over to the House called SCR52, the Convention of States resolution, authored by Senator Dan Claitor. I believe by calling a Convention of States we can help restore the balance between the states and the federal government. I would urge you to add your name to the already long list of cosponsors and support the resolution.

I encourage you to be creative and add your own twist to the above script. Just remember to BE POLITE. 

Thank you so much for taking part in this effort! We couldn't do it without any of you! Together we will restore liberty for the current and future generations! 

In Liberty,

Bryce Barras
Louisiana State Director
Convention of States Action