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A win for either major party is a win for the Washington Elite

The Elitists remain in power no matter who wins a contest limited to the Major-Party nominees.


Why is that?

That is so because the ruling class in Washington is COMPRISED of power-brokers within the 2 major parties; the nominating process of which – in either case - is DESIGNED to produce candidates who will serve rather than disrupt the Ruling Class in Washington. 

Every election year, we are told, "if you fail to vote for our nominee, you're voting for our opponent." And so we acquiesce to the Party nominees NO MATTER HOW UNQUALIFIED, or UNPRINCIPLED. It continues because it still works. The PARTY ELITE will control us until WE stop allowing them to decide what our choices will be and then discarding our vote to the "lesser of two evils."

The consistent process of comparing candidates to "the greater evil" rather than to the Constitution's principles of governance results, predictably, in the "lowering of the bar" with every election cycle.  Having MONOPOLIZED the process, the major parties ensure that their lowered standards are given no effective challenge.   

WE must decide we will no longer yield our political power to "the Party" whose dominance of political process is serving to erode rather than uphold the Constitutional principles to which they claim to subscribe.  We must recognize our right to vote FOR a set of governing principles that respect LIBERTY as the unifying cause of America. 

This requires that we eschew our fascination with PERSONALITY and PROCESS, that we abandon the "MY SIDE vs THE ENEMY" thinking which EMPOWERS THE PARTY-BOSSES (Ruling class power-brokers) and instead, provide ourselves with a foundation of Constitutional literacy. 

We cannot hope to manifest the timeless wisdom of our Constitutional structure by continuing to yield our political power to the party power-brokers under the mindless mantra of "if you don't vote for our nominee you're voting for XXXX!"


So what CAN we do to break up the Washington cabal threatening our nation's continuity and our Individual Liberty? 

  1. Learn the Constitution well enough that it serves as a reliable yardstick in measuring candidates and policy prescriptions. 

  2. RECLAIM your political power by committing to vote FOR candidates and policies that RESPECT the Constitution. While each set of Party bosses insist that your selection is limited to their nominee, this is only so when WE make it so by blind obedience. 

  3. BRING POWER HOME from Washington by participating in the Convention of States project.