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A Profound insight

240 years ago, America advanced a truly revolutionary idea

While previous forms of government were conceived on the idea that power to rule had been ordained by God, ours was the first to incorporate the profound insight that human nature itself is evidence that our liberty that is ordained by nature and Nature’s God. 

Society needn't be coercive to be cooperative - Free people acting on aligned interest promote the general prosperity by trading on their talents, skills and work-product. Ordered Liberty requires of Government only that it safeguard Liberty by enforcing the rule of law and defending the boundaries of its jurisdiction.

This remarkably simple concept constitutes the most authentically liberal idea ever to be codified into... the founding documents of a nation.

 Today, people calling themselves “Liberal’ (with help from others who call themselves “Conservative”) are advancing ideas which empower the Federal Government to direct society and every individual within it from the top down

Let’s do away with the useless labels and go back to the American Principles which provided both foundation and yardstick for centuries:


• LIBERTY is the natural, created state of every human being. It is intrinsic to our

   humanity (inalienable) because it’s a function of human consciousness.

• CONSENT of the people provides the just authorization of government

• GOVERNMENT IS FORCE, the use of which is justified only in protecting the

   Natural Rights of the person.

• SELF-GOVERNANCE is a natural human right and the responsibility of a free people. 

  A government which impedes Human liberty or ignores the direction of the people

  must be corrected by the People. 


It’s time we return to the timeless principles on which our nation was founded and restore the balance of power which safeguards our liberty

Let’s BRING POWER HOME by convening the states against out-of-control Federal Government growth.