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"Us vs. THEM" - the binary thinking on which the RULING CLASS rely

"Us vs. Them" - entirely BINARY thinking...

limits our choices to the offering of the two major parties and thereby protects the monopoly on power enjoyed by the RULING CLASS.

In America, political power should be LENT by the people to officeholders CONDITIONALLY.

Binary, "Us vs Them" thinking causes our political support to be virtually UNCONDITIONAL - thereby granting a wholly un-American level of power over us.

Were we to get serious about unseating the "ruling class" we'd reject the binary thinking which perpetuates their hold on power. Instead, we'd evaluate candidates for office against the time-honored principles of sound governance offered by our own Constitution and properly reject candidates failing to measure up.

We'd then demand that our State legislatures utilize their Constitutional authority to rebalance power back to the states - to BRING POWER HOME via an Article V Convention.

And that's precisely what many are doing! Join with us