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"Global Warming" alarmism: an ideal construct for concentrating power

The CURRENCY of Government is not money. It is POWER. With that in mind, consider GLOBAL WARMING theory:

If ever there were a perfect construct around which to create an elaborate, impenetrable bureaucratic strangle-hold on the civil society, it is the "global warming" frame:

Global Warming THEORY defines as pollution a ubiquitous gas ON WHICH PLANTS DEPEND for survival; carbon dioxide - expelled by all humans on every exhale. It defines HUMAN ACTIVITY as a scourge on the Earth. And it positions the ALL WISE, ALL KNOWING RULERS as the sole purveyors of TRUTH.

That accomplished, it then concentrates POLITICAL POWER into the hands of very few - ensuring that society itself participates in its own subjugation.

With so very much to be gained by so few...and with so very much to be yielded by the rest of us, this Global Warming theory deserves every bit of scrutiny we can give it.


One battle is being won: The Competitive Enterprise Institute, slapped with a broad subpoena demanding decades of material in an attempt to intimidate it for its skeptical view of Global Warming theory, has successfully fought back.…/the-climate-police-blink-1466032978…


While fighting each individual Federal assault on liberty, we must also address this problem at its source:

Our Federal Government is no longer under civilian control. It is OUT of CONTROL. Not serving, but RULING.


Our BEST recourse is to BRING POWER HOME from Washington - literally - via a Convention of the States under Article V of the US Constitution.

At such a convention (and ONLY this way) amendment proposals such as those listed below can be formally brought and made eligible for consideration and ratification by the States:

  1. Give the States - on agreement of a majority - ability to OVER-RULE, RESCIND or REPEAL the regulatory actions of any agency OR FEDERAL JUDICIAL RULING which attempts to Federalize areas the Constitution leaves in the states.
  2. Require Congress to win the STATES' approval for debt-limit increase
  3. Balanced Budget Amendment
  4. TERM LIMITS on all Fed Office holders AND the JUDICIARY

These are just SOME of the Amendment proposal ideas within the LEGAL SCOPE of the Convention being sought by the Convention of States project.

Learn more and join us: