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41 co-sponsors sign Kansas Convention of States application

Convention of States history has been made.

Our application in Kansas, HCR 5010, has been submitted with 41 co-sponsors, the most in the history of the Convention of States Project.

Representative Pete DeGraaf (pictured below) submitted the application on January 29, 2015, which, appropriately, also happened to be Kansas Day. Also pictured below are Kansas Coalitions Director Lois Spillman, State Director David Schneider, and South Carolina U.S. Representative Trey Gowdy.


A full one-third of the Kansas State House was represented on HCR 5010. The following is a complete list of the co-sponsors:

    1.  Representative DeGraaf
    2.  Representative Anthimides
    3.  Representative Barton
    4.  Representative Bradford
    5.  Representative Brunk
    6.  Representative Campbell
    7.  Representative B. Carpenter
    8.  Representative Dannebohm
    9.  Representative Dove
    10.  Representative Esau
    11.  Representative Estes
    12.  Representative Ewy
    13.  Representative Garber
    14.  Representative Gonzalez
    15.  Representative Hawkins
    16.  Representative Hedke
    17.  Representative HibbardCOS_Kansas.jpg
    18.  Representative Hildabrand
    19.  Representative Hoffman
    20.  Representative Huebert
    21.  Representative Hutchins
    22.  Representative Johnson
    23.  Representative K. Jones
    24.  Representative Kahrs
    25.  Representative Kelley
    26.  Representative Kiegerl
    27.  Representative Macheers
    28.  Representative Mason
    29.  Representative O'Brien
    30.  Representative L. Osterman
    31.  Representative Peck
    32.  Representative Powell
    33.  Representative Read
    34.  Representative Rhoades
    35.  Representative Rubin
    36.  Representative Scapa
    37.  Representative Seiwert
    38.  Representative Sutton
    39.  Representative Waymaster
    40.  Representative Whitmer
    41.  Representative Williams

The Kansas team worked hard to gain such strong support in their state legislature. They're a testament to what can happen through simple meetings, phone calls, and emails with your state officials. The representatives in your district want to hear from their constituents; you just have to pick up the phone and make it happen.

If you're nervous about contacting your state legislators or are unsure of what to say, we've published a script you can follow when speaking to your state representatives. You don't have to follow it word for word, but it should point you in the right direction as you consider what to say.

Again, we're so proud of our team in Kansas, and we can't wait to report more good news in the coming weeks!