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Weekly Update


Let's Get Fired Up!

Need Your Action Now!

Final House Committee - Take Nothing For Granted!

We must pass this House Committee before we can go to the floor.

Please Call and Email each member with your own personal 'touch'.

Thank those who have supported us!

Your main effort needs to be a professional plea to the chairman to support HCR5.

Missouri House Committee - Rules - Administrative Oversight

District Representative Committee Seat * HCR 5 Position Capitol Email Capitol Phone
MO 60 Barnes, Jay Chairperson Opposes 573-751-2412
MO 106 Sommer, Chrissy Vice Chairperson Supports 573-751-1452
MO 18 Arthur, Lauren Ranking Minority Member Opposes 573-751-2199
MO 136 Austin, Kevin Majority Member Supports 573-751-0232
MO 38 Berry, T.J. Majority Member Supports 573-751-2238
MO 15 Carpenter, Jon Minority Member Opposes 573-751-4787
MO 14 Corlew, Kevin Majority Member Supports 573-751-3618
MO 116 Engler, Kevin Majority Member Supports 573-751-3455
MO 110 Mathews, Kirk Majority Member Supports 573-751-0562
MO 34 Roeber, Rebecca Majority Member Supports 573-751-1456
MO 37 Runions, Joe Minority Member Opposes 573-751-0238
MO 91 Unsicker, Sarah Minority Member Unknown 573-751-1285
MO 112 Vescovo, Rob Majority Member Supports 573-751-3607
MO 103 Wiemann, John Majority Member Supports 573-751-2176
* From 02/20/2017 Legislative Management System Whip Count Report: 9 Supports, 4 Opposes & 1 Unknown for 14 Total

Missouri Senate 

Committee will vote next week.

Let them hear from you again!

(If you've not called and emailed them, please do it now.)



Next Missouri COS Conference Call

Monday - February 27th    - 8:00 PM

1. Call in to listen and participate!

  Dial   (641) 715-0632
  Access Code: 677460

2. Video - VIEW ONLY!




     Ask to be invited on the state SLACK channel.



Bookmark and Check THIS PAGE often for more up-to-date information.



Every Tuesday - 7:00 - 7:30 pm EST: Introduction to Convention of States Project. RSVP here.

Every Tuesday - 9:00 - 10:00 pm EST: DC and Volunteer Training. RSVP here. (All volunteers welcome!) 

Every Thursday - 9:00 - 10:00 pm EST: State Leaders Training. Watch your inbox for invite. (State Level  Leaders only.) 

Every Sunday - 8:00 - 8:30 pm EST: Weekly BattleCry with Mark Meckler. RSVP here. (Everyone is welcome!)

If We Don't Fight for their Liberty, who will?