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Vermont House Representative Rob Helm (Rutland-3) Sponsors Convention of States Application!


It's official! Representative Bob Helm (Rutland-3) has committed to sponsoring the Convention of States Project application in Vermont during the 2017 legislative session! This means that our Vermont legislators will have the opportunity to join their colleagues from sister states who have already passed applications for a state-led convention to propose constitutional amendments that will restrict federal power and restore power to the states.

Please take a moment to thank Representative Bob Helm for being a true patriot by leading this historic effort. And stay tuned! We will need to do our part as the grassroots to support Representative Helm's efforts by making phone calls and sending e-mails at key points in the legislative process. Thank you for standing shoulder to shoulder with me as we do our part to restore real self-governance in America. 

Please call (802) 828-2247 to leave Representative Helm a message thanking him for taking the lead on this and sponsoring our application. You can also email him at

Thank you for supporting the Convention of States! 


We did it! Thank you for signing the petition!

We now have petition signers in every Vermont House District. Thank you to everyone who has helped to support liberty. Tell your friends and neighbors about Convention of States to rein in the Federal Government.

We Need Your Help Vermont! We Only Have 3 Districts Left That Have Not Signed Our Petition!


We are only three districts away from having petitions signed in 100% of the Lower Districts across the nation and those three remaining districts are in Vermont!  WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you live in either of these districts would you please sign our petition?  If you know someone that lives in any of these districts please send them this link to sign our petition, it only takes 15 seconds to fill out.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!

These are the districts that we do not have a signed petition:  VT Washington 5 (East Montpelier & Middlesex), VT Windham 2-2 (Brattleboro), and VT Chittenden 6-2 (Burlington).

Click map image to view PDF of the district.






Thank you for your assistance!


In Liberty,

Ken Quinn

Regional Director