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March 11, 2015 Bill JRH 9 Had it's first reading and was referred to the Judiciary committee.  Follow the bill's progress and other bill details on the legislative web site at

JRH9 was discussed in committee but no vote was considered by Chairwoman (D) Maxine Grad. If you are in her district, Washington 7, please let her know that  it is the solemn duty of the States to protect the liberty of our people— particularly for the generations to come—by proposing Amendments to the Constitution of the United States through a Convention of the States under Article V.

We will reintroduce the Resolution in the next legislative cycle. Talk to your Representative and Senator about sponsoring the bill.

Vermont Action Prompt

Vermont Action Prompt

The grassroots are the key to victory -- high numbers ensure success. So are you ready to talk to your friends about the Convention of States Project?

Join our team as a District Captain!

Our goal is to find one District Captain in every Vermont House district. The District Captain's mission is simple: find people in your district willing to contact their state legislator(s) in support of Convention of States legislation this session.

It doesn't take a huge time commitment to make a difference. Five constituent phone calls is often enough to move an issue to the top of a state legislator's priority list. In person meetings are even more effective.

Get involved today by reaching out to your state legislators. Don't know what to say?

I would like Vermont to be one of the 34 states that passes a resolution calling for a Convention of the States. You can find a copy of the draft resolution and a legislator’s handbook (which briefly explains the process and answers many questions) at

I ask you to support the Convention of States Project and become either the lead sponsor or co-sponsor of a resolution in the next legislative session.

Thanks so much for your service to the people of our district. 


More suggestions are here:

If you'd like a Convention of States leader to attend a meeting with you and your legislator, contact VT Information Analyst Mike Codding. Email ecraftsman @gmail .com (spaces added to confuse spammers).

Vermont Share

Vermont Share

Your voice is important. Make it heard by sharing Convention of States with your friends and contacts. Don't miss the chance to tell future generations that you stood strong for liberty!

Vermont Team

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    Michael Codding

    State Information Analyst, Software Engineer

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    Debra Regimbald

    Legislative Liaison

Vermont Blog

We did it! Thank you for signing the petition!

We now have petition signers in every Vermont House District. Thank you to everyone who has helped to support liberty. Tell your friends and neighbors about Convention of States to rein in the Federal Government.

We Need Your Help Vermont! We Only Have 3 Districts Left That Have Not Signed Our Petition!


We are only three districts away from having petitions signed in 100% of the Lower Districts across the nation and those three remaining districts are in Vermont!  WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you live in either of these districts would you please sign our petition?  If you know someone that lives in any of these districts please send them this link to sign our petition, it only takes 15 seconds to fill out.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!

These are the districts that we do not have a signed petition:  VT Washington 5 (East Montpelier & Middlesex), VT Windham 2-2 (Brattleboro), and VT Chittenden 6-2 (Burlington).

Click map image to view PDF of the district.






Thank you for your assistance!


In Liberty,

Ken Quinn

Regional Director






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