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South Carolina

SC still needs help

South Carolina Still Needs Your Help!

Two Legislators Are Still Blocking The COS Resolutions, Please call their Statehouse offices

Senator Brad Hutto (803) 212-6140 And

Representative Greg Delleney  (803)-734-3120


Then Please Call Senator Hutto's Law Office (Williams & Williams) (803) 534-5218 And Give Them The Message: 

"I want Senator Hutto to remove the Minority Report on S-198, thank you." Be short and sweet.




Please Call Representative Delleney's Office (Hamilton, Delleney and Grier) (803) 581-2211 and Give Them The Message"

"I want Representative Delleney to move H-3177 out of committee immediately, thank you." Again be short and sweet.


These Two Legislators have been blocking COS for nearly two years. We have the votes in both chambers and need to show them a little COS "Love" where it gets the most attention, in their wallets. Let's flood their Statehouse office and personal law offices with calls.


South Carolina Thanks You!


More info for those that might be new to the COS effort and not aware of the background:


South Carolina State Senator Brad Hutto is singlehandedly holding up the Convention of States Project resolution S 198. Last year when our historic resolution passed the full Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Hutto exercised the ridiculous rule in the South Carolina legislature that permits a single member of the minority party (Democrats) to hold up a bill from getting to a vote on the floor of the Senate. We have the votes to pass our historic resolution in South Carolina to become the 7th state to join the effort to rein in the out of control and staggering power drunken federal government. Please call District 40 Senator Brad Hutto and ask him to remove the Minority Report on the Convention of States Project resolution S 198. Tell him all we want is a chance for an up or down vote on the floor of the Senate…tell him to let the legislative process work. Also, please let him know that we want him to not only remove his minority report but that we want him to ensure that no other Democrat does the same thing once he removes it. If you are speaking to his secretary, ask her politely to please give him that message. Please be firm but respectful. If you are identified as an out of state caller, please let them know that this is a national effort and you have a stake in saving our country.


South Carolina State Representative Greg Delleney is one of the members of five members of the Constitutional Law subcommittee. Rep. Delleney also happens to be the chairman of the full House Judiciary Committee. Our resolution on the House side has languished in the House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Constitutional Law now since last year. Last year we went through three full hearings…and over FIVE HOURS of testimony…both for and against. It has become very apparent to us that Rep. Delleney is the holdup. He has been opposed to the Convention of States Project from the beginning due to the same old argument of a “runaway convention”. Rep. Delleney has vacillated back forth with us on this…indicating at one point to us that he was “moving” our way…we had former United States Senator Tom Coburn sit down with him and explain this out to him. We had renowned Constitutional scholar Michael Farris come down here and sit in Rep. Delleney’s office and explain this to him. And now we feel like he is simply playing us to run out the clock this year.