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South Carolina

SC needs massive call response to Rep Delleney



Call Rep. Delleney at his office in Columbia (803) 734-3120

"Rome" is burning to the ground...and enough people simply cannot smell the smoke yet. We have a solution but we won't use it to attempt to put out the fire.

We have pretty much come to the end of the road in South Carolina this year as we are only a few days from what is called “Crossover”….where bills must cross from one house to the other in the General Assembly of South Carolina. Without making Crossover our bill will die in June when the session comes to an end. We will NEVER give up on this effort…we are NOT going away. We made great progress this year picking up over 40 co sponsors….but one very powerful House Representative, Greg Delleney is the Chairman of the full House Judiciary Committee and also sits on the subcommittee that needs to vote on our Convention of States Project resolution (H 3177). Rep. Delleney is single handedly using his power as the Judiciary Committee Chairman to block H 3177 from moving to the floor for a vote. We actually have enough votes without him to pass if we were to be able to get a vote. But he knows better than all of you. He knows better than all the Constitutional scholars that have endorsed this effort. He even knows better that the very founders that gave us the Constitution that he professes to support.

Please call Rep. Delleney on Wednesday and Thursday and “thank” him for now being complicit in saddling your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren with debt. Thank him for sitting back while Rome burns to the ground in front of his eyes. Let him know what you think of a man who has so much fear that he is blinded by what is going on in front of his eyes with an absolutely staggering power drunken federal government that will continue to grow and crush your liberty because of his unwillingness to use the tool that the founders gave to him in Article V of the United States Constitution. The ability to have our state join the other states calling for a Convention of States to propose amendments that the United States Congress will NEVER propose and impose upon itself.

In short….Rep. Delleney is a coward…he stands behind a façade of being a Constitutionalist….but trashes the founders by believing that they were dishonorable men that did something nefarious at the Constitutional Convention of 1787….that is where his erroneous understanding of a Convention of States comes from and his irrational fear of USING THE CONSTITUTION to save our Constitution!


Call Rep. Delleney at his office in Columbia (803) 734-3120. You will likely get a voicemail or speak to his secretary…do not let her blow you off by telling you that you are not in his district...his actions prevent the self government of all citizens of the state and nation intended by the founders.

As always, THANK YOU for standing shoulder to shoulder with the founders and advocating for our states to use the tool given to us by those great men!