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Maryland Action Prompt

Maryland Action Prompt

The grassroots are the key to victory -- high numbers ensure success. So are you ready to talk to your friends about the Convention of States Project?

The Convention of States Project is the most important movement in the United States since the original United States Constitution was proposed. This is a bold statement, but when one considers the significance of what the objectives are of the Convention of States, it is absolutely accurate. The purpose of the proposed Convention of States is exclusively to re-establish and unambiguously define the limited role of the federal government as intended in the Constitution. All three branches of the federal government have steadily expanded their powers beyond the limits set in the Constitution and they show no intent of correcting themselves.  Therefore, once again American patriots are coming forward to protect the liberties and freedoms that our founding fathers and subsequent generations have fought and died to defend.

Many people throughout the country and here in Maryland are frustrated with Washington and fearful of the path our country is taking. Democrats and Republicans alike have realized that the political class in Washington is no longer responsive to its constituents, but rather to large corporate donors and special interest lobbyists.  In poll after poll, the approval rating for Congress is dismal, yet the politicians keep getting re-elected with the support of their respective party leadership and large campaign donors. Marylanders should have more influence over the decisions made that directly affect our state. The Convention of States under Article V would allow Marylanders to regain their voice in the decisions which affect us.


Get involved today by reaching out to your state legislators. Don't know what to say?

Download talking points here.

If you'd like a Convention of States leader to attend a meeting with you and your legislator, contact your state’s legislative liaison.

Maryland Share

Maryland Share

Your voice is important. Make it heard by sharing Convention of States with your friends and contacts. Don't miss the chance to tell future generations that you stood strong for liberty!

Maryland Team

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    Richard Brent

    Legislative Liaison

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    April Fogg

    Co-Grassroots Coordinator

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    Michael Fry

    Coalitions Director

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    John Markley

    Media Liaison

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    Michael O'Dell

    Legislative Liaison

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    Albert Petrlik

    Legislative Liaison

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    Ronald Schwier

    State Director

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    Douglas Wagner

    Co-Grassroots Coordinator

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    Rudy Wagner

    State Director

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    Josh White

    Legislative Liaison

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    Joshua Williams

    Legislative Liaison

Maryland Blog

Create a Buzz About the Convention of States



We Need to Get People Talking about Convention of States in Maryland


Right now, we have two joint resolutions that were introduced into the Maryland General Assembly: SJ4 in the Senate and HJ3 in the House of Delegates.  SJ4 went to the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee on February 18th and HJ3 went to the Rules and Executive Nominations Committee on February 29th.

Unfortunately, both resolutions seem unlikely to be voted on by their respective committees.  That is why we need your help.  Recently, we have asked the Convention of States supporters to call, write, and visit their legislators to show support for these resolutions.  Now we are asking that all patriots who support these resolutions help us create a popular surge of support by writing letters to the editor of the local papers and calling in to the local morning radio talk programs to discuss how important these resolutions are to each individual, our state, and the nation. 

It is our hope that by writing letters to the editor and calling into radio programs it will create a buzz in the media and draw attention to these two resolutions.  We want to create excitement and spread the word about the Convention of States effort in Maryland.

Please help us spread the word.

Here are links to Maryland newspapers.  Please keep in mind that letters to the editor are generally kept to under 250 words:

You can find local Washington Metro radio stations here:




The Time is Now!!

HJ3, the Maryland Convention of States Project application, will be considered at a hearing in the Rules and Executive Nominations Committee on Monday, February 29th at 1:00 pm! Please take a few moments right now to contact these committee members and ask them to vote in favor of HJ3.

Now is the time to make your voice heard.  CALL, MAIL, and APPEAR IN PERSON!



Please call the below listed committee members and leave a voice message asking them to support HJ3 so that when they return to their offices on Monday, they will hear the overwhelming support for a Convention of States.  Please remember to leave your name and address at the conclusion of the message.

Del. Anne Healey


Del. Jay Walker


Del. Kumar Barve


Del. Talmadge Branche


Del. Dereck E. Davis


Del. Kathleen M. Dumais


Del. William Frick


Del. Tawanna P. Gaines


Del. Peter A. Hammen


Del. Sheila E. Hixson


Del. Carolyn J.B. Howard


Del. Sally Jameson


Del. Adrienne A. Jones


Del. Nicholaus R. Kipke


Del. Susan K. McComas


Del. Maggie McIntosh


Del. Warren E. Miller


Del. Anthony J. O’Donnell


Del. Shane E. Pendergrass


Del. Samuel I. Rosenberg


Del. Dana Stein


Del. Kathy Szeliga


Del. Frank S. Turner


Del. Joseph F. Vallario, Jr.





Please click the Click the "EMAIL NOW" button below to e-mail all of the committee members at once.  You may write a short e-mail in your own words asking for their support, or you may click on the second "EMAIL NOW" button which follows the email text to send the template provided.  We are hoping everyone will call and e-mail to have the greatest impact.


Blank to write your own email.



Please Pass HJ3 


The federal government is too big and has overreached in so many areas of our lives.  It is time for the states to stand up to this excess power by reining it in with a few amendments to restore the balance of power back to the states.

Our Constitution is the greatest on earth and that is because of the amending process found in Article V to allow We The People to address the concerns we are facing.  The time has arrived for the state legislatures to exercise their constitutional duty and authority by supporting HJ3.  Please vote to pass HJ3 to allow our nation to fix the problems that the federal government has created and refuses to correct.





Would you also be willing to attend the hearing with us so that you can either speak in favor of the application or just be a visible show of support for it? Please join us in showing up, standing up, and speaking up for the restoration of self-governance through this constitutional process!

Here are the details:

Rules and Executive Nominations Committee Hearing is at 1:00 p.m.

Room 150
House Office Building
Annapolis, MD 21401.

If you would like more information or have any comments, please e-mail  I hope you can join us.

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