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WA State Legislative Sponsors

2016 Legislative Roster

Please send a note of appreciation and your views to these key individuals who serve us using email, phone or their legislative web sites for comments.



Senator Rivers 

18th District

Ann's website

(360) 786-7634



Senator Angel

26th District

Jan's website

(360) 786-7650



Senator Sheldon

35th District

Tim's Website

(360) 786-7668



Senator Becker 

2nd District

Randi's Website

(360) 786-7602



Rep. Manweller 

13th District

Matt's Website

(360) 786-7808



Rep. Vick 

18th District

Brandon's Website

(360) 786-7850



Rep. Young 

26th District

Jesse's Website

(360) 786-7964



Rep. Pike 

18th District

Liz's Website

(360) 786-7812



Rep. Haler 

18th District

Larry's Website

(360) 786-7986



Rep. Harris 

17th District

Paul's Website

(360) 786-7976



Rep. Griffey 

35th District

Dan's Website

(360) 786-7966



Rep. Wilson 

17th District

Lynda's Website

(360) 786-7994