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We were successful in getting the Convention of States Project template resolution introduced during the 2015 session. This resolution is an application under the provisions of Article V of the Constitution of the United States, for the calling of a convention of the states limited to proposing amendments to the Constitution of the United States that impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and limit the terms of office for its officials and for members of Congress.

Unfortunately, the Kentucky Legislature 30 day 2015 session closed at the end of March without the COS resolution (HJR 95) being heard in the House Elections, Constitutional Amendments & Intergovernmental Affairs Committee. We are confident that with your help and we continue to build our grassroots effort across the great state of Kentucky that we will be successful in the next legislative session!

Kentucky Action Prompt

Kentucky Action Prompt

Our goal is to find one District Captain in every Kentucky state house district. The District Captain's mission is simple: find 100 people in your district willing to contact their state legislators in support of Convention of States legislation next session.

It doesn't take a huge time commitment to make a difference. Five constituent phone calls is often enough to move an issue to the top of a state legislator's priority list. In person meetings are even more effective.


Kentucky Action

Kentucky Action

Your voice is important. Make it heard by sharing Convention of States with your friends and contacts. Don't miss the chance to tell future generations that you stood strong for liberty!

Kentucky Team

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    Doug Bennett

    Legislative Liaison

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    Jason Girard

    State Information Analyst

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    Mark Jordan

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    Donna Travillian

    Coalitions Director

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    James Twisdale

    State Director

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    cecil wilson

    Grassroots Coordinator

Kentucky Blog

KY CTA volunteer




Purpose: Convention of States Action is a 501 (c)(4) non-profit organization founded for the purpose of stopping the runaway power of the federal government. We believe Washington, D.C., is broken and will not fix itself. The federal government is spending this country into the ground, seizing power from the states and taking liberty from the people.

We have a solution that is as big as the problem.

Goal: Convention of States Action (COSA) seeks to urge and empower state legislators to call a convention of states. Delegates to the convention will have power to propose amendments to the Constitution that would curb the abuses of the federal government. Article V of the Constitution gives them this power; the COS Project will give them an avenue through which they can use it.

Plan: COSA’s plan is twofold

1.  Article V requires that 34 states pass resolutions to call a convention of states on the same subject, before the meeting will be called. We are working with state legislators around the country to call a convention for a specific subject: Limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.

2.   We believe grassroots support is the key to successfully calling a convention. We are building a political operation in over 40 states, recruiting 100 citizens who are ready to contact their state legislators in at least 75% of the state legislative districts. 



If you would like to help, please do one of the following things:
Email me directly at or 
Call me directly at 307 286 4776 or
Go to the Volunteer page here, to sign up an see what you can do to help. 
Thank you so much for your willingness to step up and help us restore our beloved Republic back to its founding principles.
I look forward to hearing from you.
In Liberty
Ken Clark
Regional Director
Convention of States Project

Kentucky Needs Your Help

Members of the Elections, Constitution and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee need to hear from you now!

We must make sure the members of the Elections, Constitution and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee know how important our efforts are to the Republic.  The states joined together and using Article V are more powerful than Washington, DC. They need to consider HJR44 and move it to the floor of the House for final consideration.


Use one of the following links to send your message to our delegates, or call and email them individually using the contacts below. 

Please support HJR 44 - Our last Constitutional Option


I am concerned about over regulations, sky rocketing national debt and the state of our Republic. Please vote for HJR44 and use Article V to call an amending convention to propose amendments to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government. Our grandchildren and great grandchildren will never know the freedoms we did, if we do not act now!

Best Regards,


Please pass HJR44 - Please clarify our Founders intent!


Please support HJR44 and vote to use Article V and join the other states to call for an amending convention to propose amendments to limit the power and jurisdiction, impose fiscal restraints and term limits for Congress and federal officials. Help put the “fence” back around our federal government.



Contact Judiciary Committee

KY Committee on Elections, Constitutional Amendments, and Intergovernmental Affairs:

Reginald Meeks          502-564-8100 x 653

Joseph M Fisher          502-564-8100 x 742

Derrick Graham          502-564-8100 x 639

Mary Lou Marzian       502-564-8100 x 643

Johnny Bell                502-564-7756        

Kevin D Bratcher        502-564-8100 x 680

Jim Gooch Jr.             502-564-8100 x 687

Sannie Overly            502-564-2217        


Thanks for taking action and helping us get this done in Kentucky! You are truly amazing.

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