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Tired of business as usual in D.C.?
Did you know Springfield can do something about it?

Tired of business as usual in D.C.?
Did you know Springfield can do something about it?





If you could change one thing about Washington, D.C., what would it be?

✓ Gridlock

✓ Cronyism

✓ Fraud

✓ Waste

✓ Politicians taking the most vulnerable Americans as political hostages

✓ Federal officials exempting themselves and their friends from the laws we have to obey

It's hard to pick just one, isn't it? Did you know that Springfield has the power to do something about these kinds of abuses? Watch the 3-minute video above and then tell your General Assembly members that you want them to take action!

Here's how YOU can be part of the solution:

  1. Sign our on-line petition at You can use your personal supporter link below to tell your friends about COS via email and social media.
  2. Follow us at and
  3. Reach out to your state legislators personally and ask them to support HJR115:
    • Find out who they are here. Be sure to enter your complete address.
    • Access talking points here.
    • Phone your legislators, or better yet, write a paper letter. This is very attention-getting because so few people do it anymore.
    • Schedule a face-to-face meeting with your legislators. Our Legislative Liaison, Vickie Deppe, is happy to accompany you if you'd like. You can reach Vickie at
  4. Sign up as a volunteer: passing out literature, writing a letter to the editor, and hosting an info session are just some of the ways you can help spread the word about the Convention of States Project. Sign up here and we'll get you plugged in.
  5. Join our team as a District Captain: we need a District Captain in every Illinois State House District who will commit to finding 100 people in their district willing to contact their state legislators in support of the Convention of States resolution, HJR61. Click here to apply.

Tell your friends!

Tell your friends!

Your voice is important. Make it heard by sharing Convention of States with your friends and contacts. Don't miss the chance to tell future generations that you stood strong for liberty!

Illinois Team

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    Anthony Anderson

    State Director

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    Vickie Deppe

    Legislative Liaison

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    Matt Farag

    State Information Analyst

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    Charles Gatling

    Coalitions Director

Illinois News

Chicago Tribune Covers Article V

Efforts to reform the federal government through an Article V Convention are not just building momentum in the state legislatures: they're gaining attention from nationally-recognized media, as well. In August, the New York Times ran a front-page story on Article V efforts; and this week, the Chicago Tribune ran its own story about how the results of the November election impact the movement. The big story, and one both the Trib and the Times missed, is that the Convention of States' resolution has a broad spectrum of bipartisan support in Springfield and elsewhere. It is also a vehicle for blue states to push back against a completely Republican-controlled Washington, DC. The resolution, calling for an Article V Convention to propose amendments to limit the spending, power, and jurisdiction of the federal government, will be filed in the Illinois Senate by Sen. Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) during the upcoming legislative session.

In a letter to the editor, Illinois Legislative Liaison Vickie Deppe responded, "What these legislators realize is that whether you’re a liberal or a conservative, process matters. Those who support what President Obama accomplished with executive orders will probably find what Donald Trump does with his pen and phone highly objectionable."

States have been at the forefront of some of the most significant policy movements in American history, including women’s suffrage, marriage equality, and dismantling the abysmal failure known as the “War on Drugs.” The backlash following the Republican sweep of Washington, DC, illustrates precisely why it is time for the blue states to take their place at the Article V table and lead the way in imposing badly-needed and broadly-supported reforms on the federal government…reforms that Congress will never undertake on its own.

You can sign our on-line petition at, and invite your friends by using the buttons below.

Can't see the buttons? Scroll to the top of the article and click the title, "Chicago Tribune Covers Article V."

Read more at the Illinois Blog.

Regulators Gone Wild

One of the primary and legitimate roles of any government is to protect its citizens. When the water became unsafe to drink in Flint, Michigan, there was no disputing that the buck stopped with government officials.

But can regulations go overboard? A 2016 survey of Government Accountability Office data indicates that federal regulatory agencies have issued over 47,000 new regulations since 2001. The estimated cost of compliance of just these new additions is $176 billion every year, which is borne by American consumers in the form of higher prices for goods & services. Many of these regulations involve cosmetic aspects of food (how it looks, not whether it is safe to eat), meaning that low-income Americans are paying more for basic necessities than they should. 

For example, did you know that it is a federal crime to sell cottage cheese with too much liquid in it? Or to call something “chicken soup” if there’s not enough (as arbitrarily determined by a federal bureaucrat) chicken in it? Or to label an apple as “fancy” if it’s not red enough? These violations carry both fines and prison time! Apparently, federal regulators don’t trust the average consumer to simply not buy a brand again if they aren’t happy with its quality. Nor do they seem to be aware that most grocery stores will issue a refund if a customer is dissatisfied.

These ridiculous regulations don’t just make goods and services cost more: they give big corporations a significant competitive advantage over small businesses. As economists James Gattuso & Diane Katz observe:

The biggest burden will fall on small farms and local food producers who are forced to implement controls, training, and record-keeping systems fashioned for much larger operations. And because the rules are rigid, producers of specialty crops are particularly concerned that advances in food science and technology will become more difficult to adopt.

DeJong Brothers Farms, formerly located in Lansing, Illinois, has already collapsed under the weight of federal regulation. If this trend continues, our food will be sourced exclusively by Big Ag. Competition will be systematically eliminated by faceless, unelected bureaucrats.

The abject failure in a task as basic as safeguarding the water supply in Flint juxtaposed against the pointless micromanagement of our lives by the federal government demonstrates that the regulatory state has lost its way and is badly in need of recalibration. Congress likes to delegate lawmaking responsibility to bureaucrats because it allows them to take credit or shift blame as is politically expedient…and hide the things they do to reward their big-money donors.

It’s time to hit the reset button. It’s time for an Article V Convention. Please sign our petition to let your state legislators know you want them to stand up to the power-brokers in DC. And use the buttons below to invite your friends to join us, too.

Can't see the buttons? Scroll up to the top of the screen and click on the title, "Regulators Gone Wild."


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