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Historic Vote Pending in California

This is it! We're just ONE week away from the Assembly Judiciary Committee vote on AJR 30, the California Convention of States Project application for an Article V convention of the states and it's time for us to stand up, speak up and show up to the Battle for Liberty!  (See details below and forward this to friends & family)

First, please read, print and deliver, or email, this latest COS Progress Report (below) to the Assembly Judiciary Committee.  Then refer to the updated talking points and contact roster below to call and write to them over final week and tell them you want them to give the full Assembly an up or down vote! 

Remember, Don't Let Up!!  Our legislators must know that they are the state’s last line of defense through Article V and that a failure to act on their part will have devastating long term consequences on our children and grandchildren.

Article for Week 15:  COS Progress Report for Legislators

Next, please plan to bring friends to the capitol and prepare to show up at 8:00 am on Tuesday, April 26th at the west steps of the Capitol for the pre-hearing meeting.  Let's pack the hearing room so there's standing room only!  (See details below)

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California committee to hear Convention of States resolution

We are the Paul Reveres of our time, and our time has come to Stand Up, Show Up and Speak Up at the California State Capitol!

AJR 10 is scheduled to be heard by the Assembly Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, May 12th at the capitol building in Sacramento.  The hearing starts at 9:00am in Room 4202 (AJR 10 is the last item on the agenda…and the title is being corrected).  Below are details on the Judiciary Committee Hearing and Members; and attached (again) are the committee member roster with example talking points that may be used when contacting these representatives. 

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