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People not Politics: David Morsberger

David Morsberger is a District Captain for the Maryland Convention of States team.

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Mark Levin:"'The feds are trying to abolish the states"

The states are fundamental components of the American republic.

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If you don't know what it means to "file" an Article V resolution, you'll want to read this

Next week the Convention of States resolution will begin making its way through state legislatures across the country. Each state uses a slightly different process to pass a resolution, but much of the terminology is the same. Below you'll find a helpful primer on the state legislative process, which will come in handy as we begin reporting on the progress of our resolution in each state.

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Obama further expands federal control of western land

President Obama designated two national monuments in Utah and Nevada Wednesday as part of the outgoing president’s efforts to secure and expand his environmental legacy, and to possibly bind the hands of President-elect Donald Trump.

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Can We Trust the Constitution? Answering the "Runaway Convention" Myth

Some people contend that our Constitution was illegally adopted as the result of a “run-away convention.” They make two claims:

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Texas Rep. Phil King: "The tail has begun to wag the dog"

The Founders intended a balance of power between the state and national level, but today the federal government holds all the power.

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Obamacare doubles administrative costs despite promises to the contrary

Sometimes it’s hard to see the true cost of government overreach and red tape. Other times, the consequences cannot be ignored.

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Arkansas files Convention of States application!

Great news from the Natural State!

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With country $20 trillion in debt, feds spend half million on drag queens, gay choruses, cowboy poetry

Christmas came early this year for quite a few "artists," courtesy of the American taxpayer.

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The future of the nation depends on We the People, not Washington

Article V puts the states and the people in control. As Dr. John Eastman explains in the video below, it's up to us to make the reforms our country so desperately needs.

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