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Arizona Action Prompt

Arizona Action Prompt


It’s all happening this Saturday, January 21st

12 noon to 4 pm, at Coco's, 2026 N 7th St, in Phoenix!

It is critical that ALL volunteers come to this meeting and be ready and willing to receive directions and to take action!

We are going to meet personally with supporters of COS in Senator Judy Burges' neighborhood! We will be headed out in cars - in pairs of twos. If you are not up for that but still want to help, please come with your cell phone and we will have a list of people for you to call in her district.

Senator Burges is chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. She is a patriot and true public servant, however she still has some concerns about our bill. She is a solid conservative and one who deserves much respect and high regard, so we want to reach out to her with that in mind. It will be helpful for her if she hears from her constituents a message that says they appreciate her and want her to vote for Senator Kavanagh's COS Project Resolution SCR1002.

Let's get a big group to help us at this extremely critical juncture. People volunteering and helping on Saturday is absolutely imperative to our success. Imperative! Please spread the word to family and friends! The train is leaving the station! Get on Board!


- On a Separate but Equally Critical Note RE: RTS (Request to Speak)

For SCR1002 to pass in the Senate, it's critical that supporters request to speak (RTS) in committee. It is also essential that you go online and register your opinion and leave comments on the ALIS website. This requires an RTS account. To register for one, just send an email as follows:



In the body:

1. Your full name, first and last

2. Your physical address, including Zip Code

3. The email address you would like to use for your RTS account.

An RTS account will be created for you, and you will receive an email confirmation with a temporary password and a login link. You can then log in and reset the password to one of your own preference.

That's it! You'll then be ready to RTS whenever we get the official go-ahead from our state team leaders. Waiting for the right timing increases the impact of our efforts, so wait for the green light before submitting an RTS!

Arizona Action

Arizona Action

Your voice is important. Make it heard by sharing Convention of States with your friends and contacts. Don't miss the chance to tell future generations that you stood strong for liberty!

Our Arizona Leadership Team

  • Profile Photo

    Gary Zimmermann

    Arizona State Director

  • Profile Photo

    Ronald Chalupnik

    District Captain LD21

  • Profile Photo

    Aaron Ellsworth

    District Captain LD26

  • Profile Photo

    Bruce Piepho

    District Captain LD14

  • Profile Photo

    C. Schuyler McCorkle

    Legislative Liaison / District Captain LD17

  • Profile Photo

    John Lyon

    District Captain LD29 / LD30

  • Profile Photo

    Joseph Crary

    District Captain LD18

  • Profile Photo

    Kevin Keegan

    District Captain LD27

  • Profile Photo

    Steve Sandoval

    District Captain LD15

  • Profile Photo

    Robert Wyatt

    District Captain LD12

  • Profile Photo

    Terrell Shelton

    District Captain LD28

  • Profile Photo

    Marty Brown

    Grassroots Coord, Zone 2

  • Profile Photo

    Diane Robinson

    District Captain LD22

  • Profile Photo

    Robert Hill

    Grassroots Coord, Zone 1 / District Captain LD16

  • Profile Photo

    Pat Andrews

    District Captain LD4

  • Profile Photo

    J. Rick Normand

    Grassroots Coordinator

  • Profile Photo

    Jeremy Wilson

    State Information Analyst

  • Profile Photo

    Jesse Lander

    District Captain LD5

  • Profile Photo

    Joseph De Famio

    District Captain LD20

  • Profile Photo

    Marshall Sanchez

    District Captain LD19

  • Profile Photo

    Nick Chiarillo

    District Captain LD11

  • Profile Photo

    Bob Haller

    District Captain LD10

  • Profile Photo

    William Hill

    District Captain LD2

  • Profile Photo

    Catherine Cook

    District Captain LD25

  • Profile Photo

    Rena Dennison

    District Captain LD1

  • Profile Photo

    Olga M

    District Captain LD13

  • Profile Photo

    James Currier

    Veterans Coalitions Director

  • Profile Photo

    Ken Gorman

    District Captain LD8 / LD9 / LD11S

  • Profile Photo

    Mike Kapic

    Deputy State Director

  • Profile Photo

    Wayne Luton

    District Captain LD6

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